Couchcast: Introducing The Hunchback Variations by Mickle Maher

Couchcast: The Hunchback Variations by Mickle Maher

In less than 24 hours, at 9pm CET on 1st May 2020, Couch Theatre Couchcast will proudly present the first segment of an updated online version of Mickle Maher’s The Hunchback Variations.

This panel discussion between Quasimodo and Beethoven, directed by Rebecca Garron and starring Martin John Mills and Harald Djürken, is a Rover Rep Theater Production first presented in 2007. It was revived by The Hamburg Players in 2018 and taken to the FEATS Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, where it won two awards – Best Production and Best Actor for Harald Djürken in the role of Quasimodo.

It was Couch Theatre’s first ever production when we started in October 2018 at Tisch und Stuhl in Hamburg.

This updated version, adapted for our times in cooperation with Mickle Maher, uses the video chat format and will be shown exclusively here on

There are 11 segments in The Hunchback Variations and we will present one every evening at 9pm for 11 consecutive evenings. They will all stay online, so no need to panic if you can’t make it at 9pm. On 11th May 2020 we will present the final segment and also the discussion in its entirety.


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