The Cast of Pack of Lies

Cast: (In order of appearance) Bob Jackson                                      David Duke Barbara Jackson                              Valerie Doyle Julie Jackson                                     Jenna Greenman Helen Kroger                                    Rebecca Garron Peter Kroger                                     David Earl Stewart                                               Jason Couch Thelma                                               Julie Spanswick Sally                                                    Joanna Thorn Directed by:                                      Jason Couch Costumes:                                         Martin Scheibe

Pack of Lies

English Language Theatre in Hamburg In the late 1960s, Gay Search, a journalist and now well-known British TV presenter, was out having dinner with friends. In that group of friends was a producer of the BBC series ‘Play of the Month’, who was always on the lookout for new material. At one point in theContinue reading “Pack of Lies”

Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore

A rehearsed reading of the fascinating play, based on a true story, Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore at Sprechwerk Theatre in Hamburg on 24th and 25th January 2020 at 8pm. Tickets available from or 040-69 65 05 05 or

Dame Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench and her real-life husband Michael Williams as Barbara and Bob Jackson in Hugh Whitemore’s play based on true events, Pack of Lies. Judi Dench and her husband starred in the play in London’s West End for a year, culminating in Dench winning the prestigious Olivier award for Best Actress. Come and seeContinue reading “Dame Judi Dench”

Couch Theatre and Podcasts

Couch Theatre readings and rehearsed readings are ultimately like live podcasts or radio plays. So, come along and experience one of them. And don’t forget to bring your most important possession with you…your imagination!

Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore

English-Speaking Theatre in Hamburg The Liars are back! All of us at Couch Theatre are delighted to be back at Sprechwerk, Hamburg for the final performances of the fascinating true story of deceit and betrayal, PACK OF LIES. We will be performing a rehearsed (dramatic) reading, at Sprechwerk Theater, Klaus Groth Str. 23, Hamburg (U-/S-BahnContinue reading “Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore”

The origins of ‘PACK OF LIES’

In 1961 Helen and Peter Kroger were found guilty of spying for the Russians. They were sentenced to twenty years’ imprisonment. In 1969 as part of an exchange programme with a Briton in Russia, they were released Some time after the Krogers’ release, Gay Search, a journalist, was having dinner with a TV producer whoContinue reading “The origins of ‘PACK OF LIES’”

Original Poster for Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore

The original poster for Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore with Dame Judi Dench and her real-life husband Michael Williams. Come and see the Couch Theatre rehearsed reading of this fascinating play based on a true story at Hamburg Sprechwerk, Klaus-Groth-Straße 23, Hamburg on 24th and 25th January 2020 at 8pm. Tickets from or 040-69Continue reading “Original Poster for Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore”

Pack of Lies – No ordinary neighbours

All the evidence Scotland Yard needed to arrest Helen and Peter Kroger was hidden all over the house. Their bathroom was used as a darkroom to develop photographs. Their old Bible contained special papers intended for Soviet agents. And the drinks cabinet and cigarette lighters contained secret compartments with equipment for deciphering codes. The KrogersContinue reading “Pack of Lies – No ordinary neighbours”