Couch Theatre Couchcast: Tessa Sinclair Scott reads one of her own poems called ‘Sea Bones’

Couchcast: Tessa Sinclair Scott

Couchcast: Sea Bones by Tessa Sinclair Scott

Listen to the beautifully soothing voice of Tessa Sinclair Scott reading one of her own poems about New Zealand.

You can see more of her readings on

or visit to purchase a copy of her book of poetry.


Hanukkah – Meet The Cast

Paul Baeyertz

Paul Baeyertz is a pianist who has been working many years in Hamburg.
He studied Music in his native New Zealand and in Australia.
In New Zealand he worked in theatre, played in bands and worked as an arranger.
In Germany he has worked as a repetiteur with ballet ensembles, including the Hamburg Ballet.
He teaches at the Stage School and the Freie Schauspielschule in Hamburg.
Now and then he has taken part in English language productions in this city, among them, Couch Theatre’s ‘O Tell Me The Truth About Love’ and now ‘Hanukkah’.

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