Couchcast Announcement

The Hunchback Variations by Mickle Maher

Full panel discussion on 12th May 2020 at 9pm CET

So, we’re over half way there. We know some of you are waiting for The Hunchback Variations panel discussion to be shown in its entirety before you watch. We’ll do that on 12th May at 9pm CET. So only 5 days to go. Hang on in there.

But first, tune in later tonight, at 9pm CET, to see Variation 7 of The Hunchback Variations by Mickle Maher.

Published by Couch Theatre

A professional English and German-language theatre company in Hamburg, Germany specializing in readings and staged readings / Ein professionelles englisch- und deutschsprachiges Theater in Hamburg, das sich auf Lesungen und szenische Lesungen spezialisiert

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