Pack of Lies – No ordinary neighbours

The Krogers’ drinks cabinet
The Krogers’ bookshelf
The Krogers’ bathroom

All the evidence Scotland Yard needed to arrest Helen and Peter Kroger was hidden all over the house. Their bathroom was used as a darkroom to develop photographs. Their old Bible contained special papers intended for Soviet agents. And the drinks cabinet and cigarette lighters contained secret compartments with equipment for deciphering codes. The Krogers were no ordinary neighbours.

Couch Theatre presents a rehearsed reading, in English, of Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore at Sprechwerk Theatre in Hamburg on 24th and 25th January 2020 at 8pm.

Tickets available now from or 040-69 65 05 05 or or at the door.

Published by Couch Theatre

A professional English and German-language theatre company in Hamburg, Germany specializing in readings and staged readings / Ein professionelles englisch- und deutschsprachiges Theater in Hamburg, das sich auf Lesungen und szenische Lesungen spezialisiert

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