The Hamburg Players Present

Rebecca Garron and Jason Couch direct The Hamburg Players production Annie Wobbler by Arnold Wesker


by Arnold Wesker

In 1996, I acted for the first time for The Hamburg Players. Since then, I’ve acted in many of their plays, even directed some of them and also taken part in many European drama festivals with them. I started Couch Theatre in 2018, however, will always be a ‘Hamburg Player’ at heart.

And for their February 2021 production I will be directing – once again with Rebecca Garron – the fascinating Sir Arnold Wesker play ‘Annie Wobbler’.

Watch this space for more information or go to the official Hamburg Players website:

Tramp, cleaning woman, seductress, Cambridge graduate, famous author, imposter: in his one-woman play Annie Wobbler, British playwright Arnold Wesker asks whether we ever really discover the mystery of our own lives: Who are we? What are we? And what if we were otherwise?

Joanna Thorn

Rebecca Garron and Jason Couch

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